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Developers and CTOs know: Frequently changing teams and the “liberal” use of the latest and greatest technologies makes your burndown charts and project cost estimations burst...
Last Updated on 4 April 2014 by Marcel Bruch
Initial support for Eclipse vert.x projects: - wizard and vert.x project nature - launching JavaScript file with `vertx run rhino:file.js` Listed in Nodeclipse Plugins List.
Last Updated on 3 April 2014 by Paul Verest
GLDT is the Eclipse integration for the Golo JVM language. It features a content-assist enabled editor, automatic builder performing compilation and JDT integration.
Last Updated on 2 April 2014 by Jeff MAURY
Do you spend a considerable part of your time on finding bugs and looking for the location of code for a feature? To solve your problem we have developed Jidebug, to have more...
Last Updated on 2 April 2014 by Jidebug Team
Save time by getting instant feedback from the tests actually affected by your change! Forget running tests manually forever, try Jatest now!...
Last Updated on 2 April 2014 by Jidebug Team
This Eclipse plugin interprets the ANSI escape sequences to color the console output....
Last Updated on 1 April 2014 by Mihai Nita
eTrice provides an implementation of the ROOM modeling language together with editors, code generators for Java code and exemplary target middleware (soon a C generator and...
Last Updated on 31 March 2014 by Henrik Rentz-Reichert