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Version 1.2.1 released install from update site: http://t4eclipse.googlecode.com/svn/update_site/ T4Eclipse introduction and user guide:Download Or read online PPT document ...
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Best Modeling Product
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Actifsource is a comprehensive design and code generator tool, covering domain-driven software development from domain analysis through to the design models, code generating, testing, refactoring and maintenance.

Actifsource is your Domain-Model Driven Code Generator that tightly integrates into the popular Eclipse IDE.

List 5 of the product's features: 
Real-Time Model-Validation
Type-Safe Code-Templates
Strong Typing and Content-Assist
Version Control System Integration for Multi-User-Support
Graphical Domain Editor
How does this product help users: 
Actifsource allows you to model your specific business domain - textual or graphically. Declaring the rules of your business domain (meta-model) first, enables you to enter all busines-specific data. From this machine-readable requirements, code can be generated with help of the ground-breaking Template-technology. We also provide domain-specific ready to use solutions such as a complete development tool-chain for real-time embedded-systems.
Approximately how many people work on this product: 
5 full time developers
What is unique about this product?: 
Since Actifsource allows you to enter model and meta-model in the same workspace, refactoring of the meta-models becomes possible, even if they are already used. We also provide a refactoring interface to automatically refactor large projects. This feature is extremly helpful for model refactoring when working with large and distributed teams. The Actifsource Template-technology allows you to write meta-code as easy as you write normal code. Thanks to the graphical annotations of your template code files. The Actifsource Domain-Diagram-Model allows you to model your own fully functional graphical domain diagram editor for your business specific needs.
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