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This package points to the Scala IDE update site for the current final Scala toolchain release (2.9.1 at this writing) and the beta version of the IDE (not nightly).
Last Updated on 5 July 2012 by Todd Vierling
TTworkbench is the full-featured integrated test development and execution environment (IDE), perfectly suited for any kind of test automation project. This technology...
Last Updated on 18 June 2012 by john
TapiJI represents a set of smart tools that integrate into the Eclipse IDE for Java developers with the goal to reduce effort of Internationalization. This is accomplished by...
Last Updated on 3 January 2013 by Martin Reiterer
Zend Studio is the leading Integrated Development Environment (IDE) built on the Eclipse platform. Incorporating all the capabilities of the latest Eclipse release, features...
Last Updated on 3 August 2012 by Orly Maman
EMorF is a model transformation tool for EMF. EMorF supports in-place and model-to-model transformations in one tool. The model transformations are specified graphically by a...
Last Updated on 24 September 2012 by Robert Wagner
SVEditor provides a development environment for SystemVerilog and Verilog files. It features syntax coloring, structure display, content assist, and source formatting.
Last Updated on 30 August 2012 by Matthew Ballance
RPGtoJ2EE technology modernizes legacy iSeries (As/400) applications by fully transforming them into Java J2EE. The RPG code is transformed into Java Servlelts, JDBC/EJB data...
Last Updated on 8 March 2011 by James
StreamBase Studio™, one of three components of the StreamBase Event Processing Platform, is a powerful Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) which enables...
Last Updated on 29 November 2011 by Eddie Galvez
Ceylon IDE provides eclipse support for Ceylon (
Last Updated on 25 November 2013 by Max Rydahl Andersen
EMF-IncQuery is a high perfomance incremental graph search framework. With IncQuery, you can define declarative queries over EMF models, and execute them efficiently without...
Last Updated on 8 October 2013 by Istvan Rath