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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 19:08
sdecker's picture

Thanks for the plugin!  I'm glad to have this functionality.  I do have one suggestion to make:  I find the highlighted code and the font size slider to be visually distracting.  It would be nice to have some preferences to adjust, such as being able to change the color and opacity of the highlighted text and to hide the font size slider.

nteixeira's picture

Nice plugin. Will be using it from now on. Suggestions:
-possibility to remove from the image the code inside the functions/methods, just like PyDev's "Overview code minimap" and click directly in the function/method name.
-other possibility is dim the code inside to enhance the function/method start and end

ydai664's picture

The plugin is very nice! But it is actived with the console view output logs,and overviews with logs output all the time,it would be very consume resource with a lot of logs output.
So how can I do that don't active the plugin within console view output logs?


jzhongq20's picture

Hi, I'm using Vrapper and I've encountered a certain bug when both these plugins exist together. It seems the getVerticalBar() method is prone to returning null when a scrollable object does not have a vertical bar. One of the devs has suggested the bug might occur on line 443 or 453, wherever the getVerticalBar() is being called.

This has given them an idea for vertical bars for their own application, but other plugins might not be aware of this. FYI.

schitale's picture

Sorry for late reply. I will look into it.

ztoufie's picture

Hi Sandip,

Firstly let me say, awesome plugin, I use it everyday.

One thing though, I have another awesome plugin called Log Viewer, installed from here, logviewer.eclipselabs.org.codespot.com/git/de.anbos.eclipse.logviewer.update. It's got some nice features like tailing files right inside a view in Eclipse, amongst other things.

I find that occassionally when Log Viewer has focus, the Overview plugin will lock up and causes the rest of Eclipse to lock up as well. I have no option then but to kill Eclipse and restart. I think it may be to do with the tailing option whereby the log is constantly being updated and Overview tries to repaint the view for the updated file every few milliseconds.

Well that's my observation at least. Also I'm using Eclipse 4.4.1.


schitale's picture

Hi Zahir,


Can you try by uninstalling/disabling Overview plugin (or simply closing the Overview view) and see if the symptom persists. If it does then it may not be the overview plugin. If it does persist...let me know with a comment - also include any relevant log messages from Eclipse error log. Then I will try it and see what is happening.

One thing though - when the content of StyledText changes, Overview plugin simply stops updating itself until it gains focus, or user explicitly refreshes the view or the document content is saved etc. So I am not sure why Overview plugin is causing the issue.

In any case after I hear from you, I can try it and try to diagnose the issue.


schitale's picture

I meant to say:

If it does NOT persist...let me know with a comment

ztoufie's picture

Hi Sandip,

Sorry for the lengthy delay but I was off doing other work for awhile.

Anyway, if I disable, remove or simply close the Overview pane, the Log Viewer pane behaves as normal again. Once I re-enable the Overview pane then Log Viewer locks up again. So from what I can tell there's some scenario that's causing the 2 plugins to not play nice with one another.

I'm still suspecting that it's got to do with volume and that if the Log Viewer is trying to tail through say 2GB worth of logs that the Overview pane is getting overwhelmed by the number of repaints/refreshes and locks up.

Well that's my take on it anyway.


bhernandezfl1's picture

It's a great plugin! Better than Sublime's in my opinion. Only problem is that it goes white when editing :( I'm using the Dark Juno and Eclipse Color Theme plugins as well if that makes a difference. Please don't abandon this project :D

schitale's picture

Hi Brian,

The generally the idea is that if you are editing, you are not interested in the overview. Having said that, I have updated the plugin such that if you give focus back to Overview View it will refresh. Alternatively you can force the refresh by using the (default) keybinding M1+M2+M3+O for the Refresh Overview command. You can change this to something else using Preferences > Keys.

I also agree that the view going blank may be jarring. So what I am thinking is that I can simply suspend the updated when editing starts and resume it on demand like above. Stay tuned.

I am not abandoning this plugin as I myself use it :) and planning to continue to support it.

abrethel's picture

great plugin !!!

abrethel's picture

is it supposed to do that ( i'm using a dark eclipsecolorthemes.org -- railcast ) everytime i hit Enter on the editor window ?... seems like a bug.

schitale's picture

Yes, for now. It will come back as a soon as you save or goto some other editor and come back. I did not want to slow down editing by constantly updating the Overview view as you edit your source code. The idea is that if you are editing you are not interested in the Overview at that moment. I think I can add a refresh button though.

schitale's picture

The Overview View now refreshes when it gains focus.
The Overview View can be forced to refresh with M1+M2+M3+O keybinding for Refresh Overview command.

pverest's picture

Actual latest version is 1.0.27.
And it changed behavior: now it not View, but tryies to integrate into perspective.
The results is NPE from time to time.
I wish this behavior would be configurable,
but the author have not updated code for several months.

pverest's picture

1.0.28 came out, the project is alive