StartExplorer 1.6.1

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great for git users

I installed this a while back but never really used it until we started moving from CVS to Git. This makes doing a 'git status' etc so much easier. I wrote an external tool to do a 'git status' but startexplorer is nice for other commands.

We have lots of web apps with lots of components so leaving a command line window up all the time doesn't cut it (since we have to bounce around to lots of different projects in our workspaces).

The egit plugin works most of the time but we do have some strangeness going on that makes me want to go to the command line to make sure eclipse or egit aren't being stupid.

yes, it is

Have the similar usage pattern: most of the time EGIt, but back to shell for some rare operation or checks, e.g. `git remote --verbose`

"external tool to do a 'git status'" is great idea, but I guess it would need to be for every project.

Simple and very useful

I came across by accident, but now this plugin is mandatory, saves me lot of time to open the shell or the file explorer easily. thanks!

One of my favorite plugins

Submitted by Ed Brannin on

This is one of the few plugins I always install in Springsource Tool Suite. It's really convenient to select a file and press ctrl-alt-E to reveal it in Explorer, or crl-alt-D to open a command prompt in its directory!

Thanks to Ed for referencing shortcuts !

Yes, it very convenient to open folder or file in Explorer.