Cogenit is a french company founded in 1989 in Paris. We have strong proven records in information systems and related customer support.

Cogenit has been conducting research and development projects and tailor made solutions in the field of cryptographic algorithms in collaboration with INRIA since 1992.

Our company has a deep experience of matured technologies such as Model Driven Architecture (MDA) or other testing tools such as UML Testing Profile (UTP) which helped us develop a complete toolset to help and accelerate system's validation called Xcarecrows 4 SMV.

We are strongly committed to the Eclipse platform technology with our Xcarecrows product line.

Simple and powerful, our tools take advantage of both Rich Client Platform (RCP) applications and plain Eclipse plugins. Several software packages are presented at

  • Xcarecrows 4 IRM part of the Xcarecrows 4 SMV framework helps improving a project quality by tracing the requirements and validating a model with the same requirements
  • Xcarecrows 4 ITM part of the Xcarecrows 4 SMV framework helps improving a project quality by automatically creating from a model a custom test plan easily accessible to execute functional tests on any desired application
  • Xcarecrows 4 XML to illustrate an extensible approach of XML edition
  • Xcarecrows 4 WS to configure Apache Axis/Tomcat Web Services
  • Xcarecrows 4 X509 to create, edit and analyze X.509 certificates
  • Xcarecrows4SSL offers an SSL/TLS Java library on top of CLDC 1.1
  • Xcarecrows 4 MDA and Xcarecrows 4 MDI for an MDA toolchain to complement Rational Software Modeler

Cogenit can provide any assistance to implement solutions using those plugins.

Cogenit is a Business Partner of IBM.

Consulting Description: 

<br />Cogenit is ready to support any information system user as far as are concerned:
<br /><li>information system consulting,</li><li>project management,</li><li>information and communication systems,</li><li>test platforms,</li><li>systems securization,</li><li>software design and conception</li>
Our team handles complex Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) on multitiered systems as well as &quot;low footprint&quot; applications for size constrained devices. Our strategic partnership with a global supplier of software and hardware solutions as IBM and our deep experience in telecom information systems are available to support any kind of wide-scale deployment.
<br />Our technical background includes:
<br /><li>UML, MDA, UTP, SOA, WS/SOAP, J2EE,</li><li>XML, XSLT, ASN.1,</li><li>H.323, GPRS, GSM,</li><li>TCP/IP, DNS, SMTP, HTTP,</li><li>X.509, SSL/TLS, XaDeS,</li><li>IBM DB2, Oracle Database, Apache, Eclipse/RCP,</li><li>Java, C#, C++, C,</li><li>Spring, Hibernate,</li><li>CVS, SVN, GIT,</li><li>Bugzilla, Mantis,</li><li>Linux, Windows.</li>
Our team is also IBM Rational certified specialists on software as :
<br /><li>Rational Functional Tester,</li><li>Rational Quality Manager,</li><li>Rational Appscan,</li><li>or Object Oriented Analysis &amp; Design</li>

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Date Updated: 
8 February 2012