Bndtools 2.4.0.REL

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Update Site Still Down

I tried to install BND Tools today, and the update site at http: // is reported as unavailable. Is there any new news about the status on this site?

Please FIx the update site

As you can see in the Errors tab, it has been reported several times in the past 7 days, that the download from the update site is not working. Same with me, I cannot download the bndtools plugin using Eclipse 4.3.1 (Kepler SP1). There is a Bndtools dependency missing. Please fix it or provide another update site, Thanks!

Best BND Integration and lightweight OSGi Tooling

Best support für MANIFEST generation in Eclipse by BND.
If you like to have a lightweight OSGi development tooling Bndtools is at the moment the best choose.