JBoss Tools (Indigo) 3.3.2

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jboss tools and mylyn 8.0 compatibility

Submitted by anil kr on

It looks like the JBoss tools are not yet compatible with the latest Mylyn 3.8 release. I would hope that there is a Mylyn 3.8 compatible version of the JBoss tools out soon

jboss tools 3.7.2 with jboss 4.2

Hi - i have eclipse 3.7.2 SR2 (indigo) with JBoss 4.2

Is this plug in supposed to work correctly. Looks to me there is some problem :( ?

JBoss Tools

This entry has majority of JBoss Tools but is not including the functionality that requires dependencies

Missing dependencies?

Submitted by Nick Boldt on

Not true. When you open Help > Install new Software, be sure to keep the flag 'Contact all updates sites during install to find required software' CHECKED and your will find the dependencies. If you have manually removed the automatically-added sites, then add this URL to your Eclipse to resolve all the missing deps: