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Looking for ways to connect, as is unavailable in China it is not so direct.

Jason O&amp;#039;Keefe's picture

Application Development Trends Magazine has a nice write-up about Cloud Connect as the natural path with Eclipse in the cloud.

"The newly expanded SDC Cloud Connect provides Java developers with a way to make their existing, already customized Eclipse packages available in the cloud. The company is calling it "a natural path" to an environment in which sharable Eclipse packages can be synchronized and updated easily within dev teams, even eliminating the need for wiki pages. Eclipse Java configurations and packages can also be backed up and archived on the Genuitec-hosted cloud, making it possible to rollback or update major version changes."

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Jason O&amp;#039;Keefe's picture

That's just it - making software easy to use is difficult. Cloud Connect is a simple to use, beautiful technology that solves Eclipse standardization pain points in a cloud environment. Teams and enterprise developers will recognize this new software is the genesis of Genuitec's hugely popular Pulse technology - it takes open source management, sharing and delivery to its natural place - the cloud. Try it today, its free.