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Neon (4.6)
Mars (4.5)
Luna (4.4)
Kepler (4.3)
Juno (4.2, 3.8)
Previous to Juno (<=4.1)

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tim richardson's picture

I normally use Pycharm but I decided to have a look at Pydev again in eclipse 4.5.2.
Wow. pydev is really good. Pycharm has lots of added value features like managing the python interpreter modules etc, but for coding and debugging pydev is good. It seems so much slicker now, good inspections, debugging, code completion.

Quan Vu's picture

I get a error with scroll bar when I install PyDev plugin in eclipse mars.
I recommend you íntall PyDev in eclipse luna. The eclipse luna very stability

Chris Nasr's picture

I tried dragging it from this page, and I tried finding it in the market place, either way I get the same error:

Unable to read repository at
java.lang.RuntimeException: Unexpected error: the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty

Fabio Zadrozny's picture

The problem is that the update site: is no longer valid. Remove that one and use instead.

Fabio Zadrozny's picture

This is really weird, Eclipse shouldn't ask for content.xml, but content.jar, which is there... (I just tested it and it worked for me).

As that didn't work, try following the instructions from (and use as the update site) or use LiClipse ( which has PyDev preinstalled.

Nir Friedman's picture

As Eclipse is already my tool of choice for C++, and I really enjoy many other Eclipse plugins, I really wanted to like this plugin. Unfortunately, PyDev just pales next to the Community Edition of PyCharm. I could probably ignore the extra functionality if PyDev had comparable type inference, but it does not. I also filed a bug against the tracker, which was confusing compare to more modern trackers, and I haven't heard anything back.

Fabio Zadrozny's picture

Well, I think I answered that already in the tracker (, which should be solved in the next release... related to the PyCharm comment, I'll refrain from answering -- thankfully there are lots of happy PyDev users around (and the type inference on PyDev is getting some special attention on the next releases, although I'm sure right now it's already pretty close in terms of what it can infer related to PyCharm -- I'll fix the use-case you provided on the tracker, but if there are more, please submit there too).

wu zhihui's picture

the install url has updated.

more detail:

Tom Mising name's picture

A very nice plugin for Python on eclipse. Does it all really.

liu xue-yan's picture

it is a very nice IDE for python developers!

Arinjoy Basak's picture

just one question...which version of eclipse were you using? I can't seem to install pydev on mine...i am running 3.7 on a 64bit ubuntu machine....

Fabio Zadrozny's picture

PyDev now requires Eclipse 3.8/4.3 onwards. You can check LiClipse (commercial): for a standalone version with all requirements bundled.

Igor Vinnykov's picture

I like this tool. It offers good features usable for Python development. Thank you, guys!

tim richardson's picture

pydev and Eclipse continue to surprise me; it's a great development environment and enhances Python for large projects.

seodon 111's picture

I enjoy working on Python projects in Eclipse with Pydev very much. It's free, platform independent and integrates so well with the whole Eclipse universe. The Mylyn integration is particularly useful for me. The feature set is awesome, and Fabio is still continually improving it. Hats off!

Diego J{acome's picture

Dowload this

Yoni Tsafir's picture

Fabio, keep up the good job.

I must say python development is a different experience from what it was a year ago, all thanks to the great improvements in the latest PyDev versions.

Christoph Zwerschke's picture

I enjoy working on Python projects in Eclipse with Pydev very much. It's free, platform independent and integrates so well with the whole Eclipse universe. The Mylyn integration is particularly useful for me. The feature set is awesome, and Fabio is still continually improving it. Hats off!

Carlos Curia's picture

Keep going, please. It changes the way i program in python

Joseph Mising name's picture

Python just got even better with Pydev.

Thank you sooo much - keep up the great work!

xiuxiu2779 Mising name's picture

I need the tools pydev ! but I don't know that how to do download it.

W.J. van der Laan's picture

I just installed PyDev for eclipse and I must say it is impressive. This is Python development, the 2010 way :) This pretty well might be the first Python IDE that sticks, usually, I go back to old-fashioned text editor after a while because the overhead of the IDE just doesn't warrant the bit of extra convenience.
Keep up the good work!

Rahul Pilani's picture

PyDev guys have really done an awesome job integrating with Django and making python dev almost comparable to Java development on Eclipse. I haven't used any ActiveState's IDEs but I tried to use the latest Netbeans for python, and it doesn't even come close to what PyDev can do. You guys are awesome!

Karsten W. Rohrbach's picture

...thus, TextMate is not an option, Pydev is the way to go.

bee678 K's picture

I hope these techniques to provide features such code completion and code analysis, while still providing many others such as a debugger, interactive console, refactoring, etc. will be helpul for my project.But can you please post me some more knowledge regarding this.

aluis Mising name's picture

I'm new in python development. I'm wondering how easy Pydev is. It is very easy to run with Python 2 or 3 and you don't need any freak knowledge. Thank you guys!

Jens Knutson's picture

Among all the FOSS Python IDEs, PyDev has an unbeatable feature list, and wonderfully active, highly transparent development thanks to Fabio Zadrozny, the lead developer. If you're looking for a Python IDE, you owe it to yourself to try PyDev. Be sure to check out Fabio's great "quick reference" sheets for PyDev common keybindings, too -- I have them printed out and pasted right next to my monitor!

A huge thanks to Fabio for his awesome contribution to the community!