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The Mogwai ERDesigner is a entity relation modeling tool such as ERWin and co. The only difference is that it is Open Source and does not cost anything. It was designed to make...
Last Updated on 18 August 2010 by mirko.sertic
The Reorder plug-in adds the following actions to the Java editor toolbar....
Last Updated on 15 August 2010 by Sandip Chitale
JProbe is an enterprise-class Java profiler used for intelligent code performance analysis and diagnosis in development environments to enable faster delivery of high-quality,...
Last Updated on 13 August 2010 by Emerald.Pinkerton
VMware Studio 2.1 helps configure, build, deploy and customize vApps in addition to virtual appliances. These solution stacks can be created in Eclipse via the available plug-in...
Last Updated on 9 August 2010 by Matthew Ford

Sysdeo Tomcat Launcher Plugin 3.2.1This resource is reported as out of date.

- Starting, stopping and restarting Tomcat 4.x, 5.x and 6.x...
Last Updated on 6 August 2010 by Bruno Leroux

Jigloo SWT/Swing GUI Builder 4.6This resource is reported as out of date.

Jigloo Version: 4.6.2 Eclipse versions supported: 3.0 to 3.5
Last Updated on 4 August 2010 by jonathan@cloudgarden.com
eclipse-jmx is a plugin-in for Eclipse IDE which can be used to manage Java applications through JMX and its RMI Connector.
Last Updated on 4 August 2010 by Jeff Mesnil
The NightLabs PDF Viewer is an Eclipse plug-in for viewing PDF files in Eclipse-RCP-based applications.
Last Updated on 4 August 2010 by Marco Schulze
UNIX and Windows version now....
Last Updated on 31 July 2010 by tabbywiles