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This feature has been contributed to p2 itself, you can find it in Eclipse Indigo(3.7) M7+ now! Note: the exported file is incompatible with previous versions....
Last Updated on 16 April 2011 by kane zhu
Eclipse provides some very good refactorings. Some codebases that http://www.stateofflow.com" title="State Of Flow home page">we have ‘inherited’ have needed more than the set...
Last Updated on 16 April 2011 by Lance Walton
Integrates JDepChk, the JVM class file dependency checker, directly into Eclipse. Highlights:...
Last Updated on 15 April 2011 by Peter Arrenbrecht
Last Updated on 13 April 2011 by Victor Conesa
Debugger and editor for Lua. Support for Corona SDK on Windows. Support for PSP. Lua parser.
Last Updated on 12 April 2011 by avkosinsky
Eclipse contains popular shortcuts for selecting types and resources (such as Ctrl+Shift+T). When working with many, many projects inside a single workspace, this plug-in adds a...
Last Updated on 10 April 2011 by Peter Hendriks
PETA is a platform for automated integration testing of distributed software systems. These include service oriented architectures (SOA), n-tier/multi-tier architectures (J2EE, ...
Last Updated on 7 April 2011 by Torsten Stolpmann
Cheat sheets:...
Last Updated on 6 April 2011 by Kaesar ALNIJRES
The MoDisco Generic Model Editor is an extension of the default Ecore model editor. It can be used to display any EMF model in a feature-rich treeview :...
Last Updated on 5 April 2011 by Fabien Giquel