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Thursday, June 21, 2018 - 18:23
iroskam's picture

This plugin is using YUICompressor version 2.4.2.  Current release is 2.4.8.  One bug that exists is squelching a required space after "and" keyword in media queries.

ttongpw1's picture

i find a free online service using YUI compressor to minify js www.online-code.net/minify-js.html and compress css www.online-code.net/minify-css.html, so it will reduce the size of web page.

czalam's picture

Does not transfer my UTF-8 encoded js File to an UTF-8 encoded minified version.
As long as there is no chance to configure the encoding parameter, it's useless for our use case.

ssuther's picture

Would be really nice, if you could add a way to not only save a new "not existing" file withe compressed Code, but make it able to overwrite existing file.

For example:
I have myScript.js in the folder. All minified JS are named myScript.min.js.
I change the stuff in myScript.js and wan't to overwrite the myScript.min.js by compress the JS.
Even a way like "copy compressed source to clipboard" would be really nice.

Anyway, thanks a lot for this Plugin.

mcafarotti's picture

It should create a new Entry inside External Tools menu for minifying css and js but it doesn't, maybe is not compatible with latest eclipse

gbouissac's picture

This work for me on Eclipse Luna 4.4.0 on Ubuntu 14.04.
The menus ("External Tool/Compress javascript" and "External Tool/Compress CSS") are only available with the context menu on js/css files. Nothing available on the whole project, the plugin cannot concatenate multiple source files.