Wsdl Auditing Tool - XML Rule Engine Based

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Mars (4.5)
Luna (4.4)
Kepler (4.3)
Juno (4.2, 3.8)
Previous to Juno (<=4.1)
Neon (4.6)
Oxygen (4.7)
Photon (4.8)
2018-09 (4.9)

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The tool will run the user defined audit rules on supplied WSDL(though currently it supports only WSDL based on w3c schema type, it can be extended to support any XML).
The rules should be defined in XML, in a defined format which will be explained below.
The tool also has a capability of comparing two wsdl's(Mainly a old and new version of same WSDL) and run rules on the newly added/removed elements.
Also this tool is completely extensible, i.e. all the core classes are instantiated using factory backed by Configuration.xml which can supplied as input argument. By Default Tool generates a HTML output, but you can supply any output user, which uses the tool output to generated any kind of file.

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Eclipse Versions: 
Mars (4.5), Luna (4.4), Kepler (4.3), Juno (4.2, 3.8), Previous to Juno (<=4.1), Neon (4.6), Oxygen (4.7), Photon (4.8), 2018-09 (4.9)
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Windows, Mac, Linux/GTK
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Thu, 2011-01-06 15:09
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Thu, 2018-08-23 15:07
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