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aramirezmem's picture

Hi. I'm very interested about using wfe-wordfile-editor, mostly because I need work with some LotusScript files (.lss / .ls). I have installed it without issues (Also downloaded the required UltraEdit Wordfiles, and the association for the extension was ok too) , but when try to open a file, I receive the following error:

Invalid Input: Must be IFileEditorInput

I'm using Mars.1 Release (4.5.1) Build id: 20150924-1200 and jre1.8.0_66 .

Any Ideas? Thank you!!

moberhuber's picture

Looks great in Luna SR2, some questions / feature requests:

1. When I open a "configure" file in WFE, I would like to manually switch to the ksh/bash syntaxhighlighter. File Properties > Wordfile works, but how can I change the wordfile of the active editor ?

2. After right-click > Open With > WFE of a *.pl file, I would like Eclipse to remember the assocation to always open *.pl files with WFE. How do I do that ?

3. I got the following exception on my console, where do I report bugs:
org.eclipse.core.commands.common.NotDefinedException: Cannot get the parent identifier from an undefined context. de.ksquared.eclipse.wordfileeditor.editor.WordfileEditor.editorScope

amuellerifx's picture

I had similar problems to the ones mentioned above (WFE installed but not visible in GUI) on Windows 7

After some debugging I found out, that the bundle status was only "Installed" where it should be active (Installed software -> Tab 'Configuration')
de.ksquared.eclipse.wordfileeditor (1.4.1) "WordfileEditor" [Installed]

With help from '' I found out that in my case the problem was that WFE only runs with Java 1.7 and I had on my machine at work (no admin rights) only Java 1.6.

osgi> diag 486
reference:file:plugins/de.ksquared.eclipse.wordfileeditor_1.4.1.jar [486]
Direct constraints which are unresolved:
Missing required capability Require-Capability:; filter="(&(".

It is a pity it is so difficult to find this problem, when with the right commands it seems to be so easy to view in OSGI.

Installing Java 1.7 (or in my case jPortable and telling Eclipse (via Eclipse.ini) to use this install) and everything works fine.


jmcauliffe's picture

The editor installed without issue. The "What's Installed?" view shows that it is installed. But I can't access it or use it. If I view the properties of a file, there is no Wordfile option in the left menu dialog. All this on Mac running Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Eclipse 4.2.1, Wordfile Editor 1.4.1.

As a test I did clean install on Windows 7 of Eclipse 4.2.1 and Wordfile Editor 1.4.1 and it works very nicely. No issues.

I use a very focused in-house language and with this plug-in I can use a UEdit wordfile I created many years ago. Saves me having to go down the XText path... for now.

But I mostly work on a Mac so if anyone has an idea how to get this working on a Mac... it will be much appreciated.


tboniecki's picture

Thanks for a nice addition to eclipse. I think it would be more useful if your plugin acted as a wrapper so it could add functionality to the editor of your choice.


azeef's picture


I changed the colors of my editor in eclipse (via the eclipse color theme plugin), but it seems the background color of syntax-highlighted text in wordfile editors is not changeable. Is that/will that be possible? I can provide a screenshot if you like.

I'm running eclipse juno (4.2.1) with wordfile editor 1.4.1 on Mac OS X 10.7.5 (Lion), and apart from this issue, the wordfile editor runs just great, thnx for the great plugin :)

N.B. I couldn't find an issue site, so posting it here instead

Anton Zeef

wbaronyv1's picture

1.4.1 seems to install on Eclipse 4.2 and 3.7.1 but Wordfile editor is nowhere to be found.

Also update site should be:

lsloan's picture

I also couldn't find WFE after installing it in Eclipse 4.2. It installed without trouble, but doesn't appear in "Open with" or "Preferences" at all. I've gone to the WFE help site, but I didn't find anything there to help with this problem. I went to the developer's contact page to submit a support request:

I'm waiting for a reply now. I would like for this to work, since it claims to support Zope DTML files.

kkraljic's picture


thanks a lot for your feedback and you comments. I am very happy that you want to use my plugin for your development. I am currently trying to reproduce your issues to fix the problem. I will update the plugin soon. I think latest end of next week.


lsloan's picture

I'd welcome an update to the WFE extension, or some advice about how to use it. I presume it wouldn't have been released if it didn't work, so I think the problem might be conflicts between it and the other few extensions I have installed.

lsloan's picture

FYI: I thought that since I still have the download file for Eclipse from, I would try running it and install only WFE. That should prove whether the problem I've seen is a conflict with other extensions.

The Eclipse I installed was downloaded from . From there, I clicked the link for "Mac OS X(Cocoa 64)", which downloaded the file eclipse-SDK-4.2-macosx-cocoa-x86_64.tar.gz. I started it, added the WFE update site URL in the installer window, restarted Eclipse (twice; I even quit it completely and gave it a "cold" start), but I don't see any sign of WFE in the UI. It appears in "Installation Details" under "About Eclipse", but nowhere else.

I'm beginning to suspect WFE works only on Windows, not Mac OS X. :P

mpeoples's picture

I'll chip in here to say that I experienced the same issue of a "clean" installation, but no evidence of the application when running on Linux in Juno.

No errors in the log files indicating WFE is unhappy or causing problems. It's just not there.

Would love to try it out.


bdageryd's picture

Problems with WFE 1.4.1 Install and update

An error occurred while collecting items to be installed
session context was:(profile=epp.package.cpp, phase=org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.engine.phases.Collect, operand=, action=).
Problems downloading artifact: osgi.bundle,de.ksquared.eclipse.wordfileeditor,1.4.1.
Error reading signed content:C:\Users\bdageryd\AppData\Local\Temp\signatureFile1357941596478146507.jar
An error occurred while processing the signatures for the file: C:\Users\bdageryd\AppData\Local\Temp\signatureFile1357941596478146507.jar
Problems downloading artifact: org.eclipse.update.feature,de.ksquared.eclipse.wordfileeditor.feature,1.4.1.
Error reading signed content:C:\Users\bdageryd\AppData\Local\Temp\signatureFile2283200764386018770.jar
An error occurred while processing the signatures for the file: C:\Users\bdageryd\AppData\Local\Temp\signatureFile2283200764386018770.jar

bdageryd's picture


I got problem with this new version of WFE. I tried to install it on Indigo Java EE.