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Tuesday, June 19, 2018 - 15:24
sallen48d's picture

Vagrant itself supports walking the directory tree to look for a Vagrant file in parent directories. However this tool doesn't see that my project is associated with a Vagrant instance that already exists in a parent directory.

So the only option available to me within the project is to do a 'Vagrant => init". Can you update this to behave as Vagrant does by default?

Thanks for the plugin!

rperini's picture

I don't really understand how to use this.
No views, no special import functions, no perspectives, no dedicated menus, no contextual menus. The only thing I can find for this plugin is a preference setting used to specify the Vagrant binary. No documentation at all.
Until major details are given, this plugin is simply useless.

sstanila's picture

In the description it is explained very clear about how to use the plugin:
"Right click any project or any file named "Vagrantfile" and choose External Tools > Vagrant to see the Vagrant commands that can be executed"
Also you can have a look on the Eclipse console to see the output.

I am using it, and is simple and efficient.

Kind regards,

probertsyyv's picture

Added it to my Eclipse 4.2.1 install on OSX, if I go into a project on the project explorer view and right click the project of the Vagrantfile, I don't even see an option for External Tools, let alone vagrant commands. What am I missing?