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Take out the "r" from the update site URL and things will work.

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www. apsstandard. org / doc / sdk / eclipse-plugin /

Take out the "r" in the update site URL to make things gooooo.

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I installed Eclipse successfully, but every time I try to install de plug-in for Eclipse I get an error message.

According with APS documentation (http :// www . apsstandard.org/doc/aps-eclipse-plugin-release-notes-1.5.0.pdf) this is what I'm doing:

1) Open Eclipse
2) I choose menu "Help > Install New Software"
3) I type this in the "Work with" field: http :// www . apsstandard.org/r/doc/sdk/eclipse-plugin then I check Application Packaging Standard and click Next button to proceed
4) Eclipse checks dependencies, then I click on Finish button and it starts with the installation

Few seconds later, I get this error message:
Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
Software currently installed: APS Plug-in for Eclipse (com.parallels.apstoolkit.feature.group
Missing requirement: APS UI (com.parallels.apstoolkit.ui requires 'bundle org.apache.commons.httpclient 3.1.0' but it could not be found
Cannot satisfy dependency:
From: APS Plug-in for Eclipse (com.parallels.apstoolkit.feature.group
To: com.parallels.apstoolkit.ui []

... and the plug-in isn't installed on my Eclipse.

NOTE: URLs re malformed with blank spaces in the middle intentionally in order to post this comment.

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it would be nice if the package was available for download...

very hard to review something without seeing it ;)