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Toad Extension for Eclipse 2.2.0 Community Edition

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Auto correct on hover does not work when Toad extension is installed. Although you can still use the hot key Ctrl + 1. It will work again after uninstalling this extension.
Note that SQL development and java development is done simultaneously.


The issue 3888 was fixed for the last release 2.1.2.
Thanks for reporting it!


Thanks for the tip. This behavior was submitted to Dev and a fix has been implemented. Expect it in the next release. -Brad


when installing the package (core + mysql + postgreql) on Eclipse 3.0, I get the following error :

"An error occurred while collecting items to be installed
session context was:(profile=profile, phase=org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.engine.phases.Collect, operand=, action=).
Problems downloading artifact: osgi.bundle,,
MD5 hash is not as expected. Expected: c9742a09c8a631b572c98dd4bb767dee and found 85346f79f12710940ec180ef4d4114e2.
Problems downloading artifact: osgi.bundle,,
MD5 hash is not as expected. Expected: b99f998e2c5842ccf6e258764c33cdc7 and found 8ad66480f90a386a6d60351831ed62c2.
Problems downloading artifact: osgi.bundle,,
MD5 hash is not as expected. Expected: 04e6938f2b791b1ea5314b88669aeac4 and found f1d0f3838bfbed6fbd401b67ea72d64c."

Have you a solution ?

Best regards

The eclipse v3.0 you state is correct? If yes, you will need to upgrade to at least v3.7 Indigo, but recommending you the latest Kepler. Toad Extension has never been tested with that old eclipse versions.

Tested in aptana studio 3, eclipse standard kepler

I don't know if this question has been asked before, but will this extension work in Adobe Flash Builder IDE (a.k.a. Flex)?

This is an Excellent plugin for oracle db users. (Maybe the mysql, postgresql users)
I can access, modify queries and check out the results and dbms responds in my eclipse.

however, is there any possible way to install this excellent plugin without internet connection?

Hi TJay,

To get directly to our community by single clicking, click on the question mark ? button at the top-right of Toad Extension for Eclipse here at the marketplace.


Hi TJay,

On, Installation subpage option from Other Resources menu, find the latest release ZIP archive and then install in your eclipse from archive.


But please include Eclipse 3.8 to the list of supported versions.
Currently Toad plugin is not visible through Eclipse Market Place on Eclipse Juno (3.8).

Done. Thank you for your feedback.

But please add Eclipse 3.8 to the list of supported versions.
Plugin is not visible in the 3.8 market place.

I lovo Toad, but for Juno???

Hi Vittorio,
Support for Juno SR1 (4.2.1) is implemented in the current release 1.6.4.

Doesn't work on Fedora15 x64, Eclipse 4.2.1
-Open perspective->Toad---> hang
-Right click on project->Add Toad Extension Nature--> hang

Fedora 17 x86_64, yum install eclipse, install TOAD Extension via update site, restart eclipse, open TOAD perspective ===> HANG

Same thing if I install Eclipse Classic 4.2.1 manually from

Report your issue in the community forum please. For redirection to the forum, click the ? question mark button at the top on the right.
Thank you!

Can you report your issue in the TEE community forum at
Thank you!

Love Toad, want Sybase. :)

Toed Extension for Eclipse has made my life so much easier when creating Java or PHP applications that interface with an Oracle database. It is great not having to have to switch between two IDE's.