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Installed into Elipse Kepler 4.3.2 (SR2):

java.lang.ClassCastException: org.eclipse.jdt.internal.core.CompilationUnit cannot be cast to org.codehaus.jdt.groovy.model.GroovyCompilationUnit
	at org.jspresso.contrib.sjsplugin.tmar.registry.RegProject.updateRegistry(
	at org.jspresso.contrib.sjsplugin.tmar.registry.TmarRegistry.updateMarkersAssynchronously(
	at org.jspresso.contrib.sjsplugin.tmar.registry.TmarRegistry$

Hello Lars.
I was fixing the ClassCastException... but I think the issue reason is that you do not install the groovy plugin, is it true ? Please use jspresso mantis ( to report any problem or ask any question.
Kind regards

Thanks, I will double check my installation. Lars