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Monday, November 19, 2018 - 06:10
jreina1ho's picture

using man and trying to scroll is a horrible mess (if you try to scroll up). if this is something someone wanted to fix...

jreina1ho's picture

using Fedora 19 (x86_64) w Eclipse 4.3.2.

finally, a terminal that works! decorations, interactive, lightweight!!!


pverest's picture

They are not working on this plugin since August 2013. Quote from "Alex Ruiz August 3, 2013 at 12:49 pm Unfortunately I’m no longer maintaining this project, mostly due to a lack of spare time."

Stackoverflow poll at

pverest's picture

When installing into Eclipse Kepler 4.3.1, I got Terminal empty View (no functionality at all), then ocassionally Null Pointer Exception.

pverest's picture

Well, that was on Windows, that this plugin DOES NOT support.

bbarcsik's picture

I recommend to try out the local terminal incubator project can be found among Genaral purpose tools

pverest's picture

I have installed Local Terminal in Luna M3, but no new Views were found to bring it up. So it is unknown how to use it.

pverest's picture

Just create Marketplace entry for it. They everybody will see if it is popular.

It requires CDT (C++ Dev Tools). Why? I think It is a bit too big dependency to carry along.

abuecheri3q's picture

For people who have a computer with a posix shell terminal this lets you access that inside eclipse. Seeing some of the negative comments I think if it doesn't work for windows users then the description should show that (not a windows fanboy, but it's not exactly an uncommon OS). Works fine for me on mac.

sthrasher's picture

No offense, but isn't "Does not work on windows" obvious when "Terminal" is a Mac OSX program?

nwaisbrot128's picture

No, it's not obvious (and this isn't a Mac OS program). "Terminal" is the name of the terminal emulator program that comes with the Mac OS. (Other general things that have Apple software named after them: "mail", "messages", "numbers", "pages", "notes"...)

In the context of (modern) software development and IT, "terminal" is short for "terminal emulator".

There's no reason to assume that a Java PTY (which this is) wouldn't work under Windows, but the project's homepage has a note saying that it's Mac and Linux only (though not why).

bbesson5sq's picture

When I open the view I only see a blank screen with no user input available

plopes7ik's picture

Where I can change the profile? It would be nice,if it can load the "~\.bash_profile" (Mountain lion SO X)

wjongman's picture

You should put in you description that it is not working on windows.