Sysdeo Tomcat Launcher Plugin 3.2.1 Outdated

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when i click the Home icon , i got a 403 response: "You don't have permission to access /tomcatPlugin.html on this server."


Please click the Home icon, then this leads you to the plugin's homebase, from there you could download it.



just test to download

how to download? thanks

where to download?

Where can I download it ? Please tell me , if you know how

how can i download?

how to download??

really need this tool

i am newcomer to java programming

how to download

click the ico of home page and download it

Please provide alternate download source


how to download it?

thanks for sharing

comments to download?

how to download this plugin ???

Where I can download tomcat plugin of eclipse

very widely used.

i want to download it

Thank's for share!

Who design the GUI of this marketplace? How can they bury the download link so deep, making it so hard to find? Man, if I search and come to this page, the download link should have been flashing in front of us, for godsake.

Can not download

Go to the homepage of the plugin (click on the "house" icon above). You will find the download links on the homepage.

where is download

Can someone please tell me how to download this plugin... I see no link

thanks for share

Click on "?" icon (
or simple:

*for admin, real navigation isn't intuitive

Seriously, this is annoying. Where is the link?

as subject

just test to download

It's the best.

how to download this plugin,thanks.


Как отсюда ... скачивать??


So hard to download, Admin, please show me where I can download this plug-in???