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Photon (4.8)
Oxygen (4.7)
Neon (4.6)
Mars (4.5)
Luna (4.4)
2018-09 (4.9)
2018-12 (4.10)

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Synthclipse is a GLSL shader prototyping tool. It makes possible to fast develop all kinds of shaders: Fragment (FS), Vertex (VS), Geometry (GS), Tessellation (TS) and Compute (CS). Shader development can be done using, compatible with Fragmentarium and Shadertoy (but limited to FS and VS), Fragx shaders or by using fully featured JavaScript JSX scripts. The JSX API is consistent with WebGL but in fact exposes complete OpenGL 4+ API. Features:

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Eclipse Versions: 
Photon (4.8), Oxygen (4.7), Neon (4.6), Mars (4.5), Luna (4.4), 2018-09 (4.9), 2018-12 (4.10)
Platform Support: 
Windows, Mac, Linux/GTK
Date Created: 
Sun, 2014-02-16 09:31
Development Status: 
Date Updated: 
Tue, 2018-11-27 10:25
December 2018302/91677 (0.02%)5
November 2018290/939159 (0.03%)16
October 2018258/943230 (0.04%)13
September 2018305/941137 (0.03%)13
August 2018277/939185 (0.04%)8
July 2018304/940147 (0.03%)14
June 2018314/947133 (0.03%)14
May 2018308/954154 (0.03%)5
April 2018298/946164 (0.03%)5
March 2018275/961194 (0.04%)11
February 2018269/940177 (0.04%)14
January 2018266/945192 (0.04%)18
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Tuesday, December 18, 2018 - 10:27
lmisingnameixk's picture

See error with incompatible version of CDT plugins (I have last update version of CDT (9.4.2018...)


kkolaczynski's picture

The problem is fixed by now.

pverest's picture

Author should have introduce what GLSL is. It is OpenGL Shading Language, see

This solution enable 3D video rendering in Eclipse and has audio player.