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This and several other plugins from Obeo has a bunch of promises associated with it that are not fulfilled. I downloaded this plugin expecting to be able to create Service diagrams like the ones shown in the illustration. The plugin downloaded and installed in the Obeo Designer without problems.

The problems occur when you try to use the plugin.

First, there is no documentation on how to use it. Believe me: documentation is seriously needed.

Second, when trying to create a project to display the kind of diagrams shown in the above illustration, the system creates a weird file called My.soa. While you can change the name of the .soa file, you cannot get to any service diagrams. There are no SOA diagrams, no Component Contract Diagrams, and nothing related to DTOs. Instead you get a view of some tree which you can add components (and entities, namespaces, and other things) to. There is no way to view any actual diagrams or to do any of the things promised in this plugin's description.

This combination of lack of diagramming functionality and lack of documentation makes this plugin unusable. It does not do anything that is promised in its description.