Training Description: 

Sigasi (pronunciation: /sɪ'ɡæsɪ/) was founded in 2008 because the two founders felt a need for new and better tools for VHDL design. In May 2009, they released a beta version of their Intelligent Development Environment (IDE) for VHDL. This tool brings the power of well known IDEs like Eclipse and Visual Studio to the hardware designer. Since the product launch in January 2010, it has been sold worldwide, in a wide range of industries, including consumer electronics, automotive and aerospace.

In June 2010, Sigasi closed its first funding round.

With its core technology built on the Eclipse platform, Sigasi is a proud Eclipse Foundation member.

Consulting Description: 

The software engineering team that built the popular Sigasi Eclipse VHDL editor is now available for consultancy and training.

Expertise includes: Xtext, ANTLR, StringTemplate, EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) Development of Domain Specific Languages (DSLs)
The Sigasi engineering team can help with all your issues related to development of Eclipse Plugins. We can help you in setting up, developing and improving your Eclipse plugin or RCP projects.

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15 October 2013
Gent, Belgium