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Neon (4.6)

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RapidClipse (the visual Eclipse) is a complete Eclipse distribution for Rapid Java and Cross-Platform-Development. All of the essential tools and plugins for Java development are already preinstalled, preconfigured and optimally matched to each other, e.g. Java SE, JPA, JBoss Hibernate tools, Maven, GIT, Vaadin, RapidClipse IDE tools, RapidClipse Framework. No more annoying and time-consuming Eclipse configurations. Just install & get started. RapidClipse provides a HTML5 GUI builder based on Vaadin, improved Hibernate tools, cross-platform-deployment tools for deploying web, mobile and classic Java desktop apps as well as a one click Java Cloud deployment based on Amazon Webservices. The integrated RapidClipse Framework provides a Hibernate databinding, fully Hibernate entity lifecycle management, concepts for authentication and authorization, internationalization, UI persistence, mobile-kit for creating IoT solutions and much more. The framework bases on the Java Standard Edition and is released as open source under AGPL. The license model is similar to the OpenJDK. RapidClipse was made for developing business applications running on all major platforms and devices. Never has Java development with Eclipse been this easy, convenient, and fast. >> Additional Tools - Much more than pure Eclipse << -HTML5 GUI builder based on Vaadin -Improved and additional Hibernate tools -RapidClipse Framework -Cross-Platform deployment tools -Java Cloud integration -Comming soon: (Java In-Memory database) integration >> New in Version 3 << -Eclipse Neon -Hibernate 5 integration -Complete new written GUI builder -New menu wizard -New JPA query language JPA-SQL with code editor -RapidClipse Framework: New Mobile-Kit for creating IoT solutions -Java Cloud deployment >> Our goals << -Make Eclipse a visual Java IDE similar to Visual Basic and 4gl tools -No more time-consuming Eclipse configurations -Simplify the entire application development process with Java and Eclipse radically -Enable Java beginners, especially 4gl developers switching over to Java to use it instantly -Faster results -Cross-Platform-Development -HTML5 UI development similar to good old Java Swing -Eliminate as much technical complexities as possible -Enable developers to concentrate on business logic -Generate clean and well structured code -Allow generated code and framework features to be replaced by custom implementations at any time -Provide a scalable architecture and powerful application infrastructure to build on -Use Java standards or accepted defacto standards and tools that are accepted by Java architects >> Target Group << -Application developers who want to concentrate on business logic -Java developers who are not JPA / Hibernate professionals -4gl developers who want to switch over to Java -Java beginners in general >> RapidClipse is free << RapidClipse is available as a fully prepared Eclipse distribution addressed to Eclipse beginner and as a common Eclipse plugin as well. The separate framework is also available on GitHub. Follow us on Twitter: @RapidClipse

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Neon (4.6)
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Windows, Mac, Linux/GTK
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Wed, 2016-03-09 06:13
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Other Open Source
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Wed, 2017-08-02 04:35
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