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hchenbbx's picture

Hi there,

My name is Hsin, and I'm a masters student in Computer Science.
My project requires tracking data just like Rabbit so I used it as a start point.
As I begin to only scratch the surface of Rabbit, I realized that I needed to dip deeper with the help of documentation.
However, I wasn't able to find the documentation within the source code or from the web site.

Could you tell me where I can find the documentation?


kmichelr70's picture

Hi Hsin,

I am also currently doing my thesis in master software engineering. I am very curious of your thesis. Is it possible for me to get a copy so I can have a read? It also seems like this plugin has been discontinued. If you have a proper version of the "Rabbit" plugin can you also it to send me.


aazzam's picture

but one question, with these kind of stats it tracks, how this plugin will affect eclipse performance? I installed plenty of plugins so I can't really tell its impact. Sorry for my bad english.

lmisingnameyy0's picture

Hi, I've been using it myself with a med-level laptop, haven't notice any performance impact.

The logic behind the tracking is quite simple really, Eclipse's API has lots of hooks for developers to listen to events. For example, with the "Perspective" time tracking, when a perspective is active, Eclipse sends out a notification and Rabbit takes a note of the current time, when the perspective becomes inactive, Rabbit notes the current time again and subtracts the start time to find out the duration. That's basically it really.

But do let me know if you think it is slowing down Eclipse in someway so that I can look into it and fix the bug if there is one. Thanks.