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KeepDynamic’s QR Code barcode library for BIRT report is capable of add QR Code image generation features into BIRT report easily. The barcode generator library is entirely developed in Java and supports JDK 1.4 and greater versions. All barcode generation features are combined into a single and lightweight JAR file. The advanced features of QR Code 2D barcode library for BIRT report include:
• Create most quality QR Code barcode image for BIRT report.
• Export QR Code in jpg, gif, png, and bmp image formats to BIRT report
• Dynamic barcode width(X) and height(Y) support allows users generating QR Code barcodes as specified requirements in BIRT report.
• Flexible barcode resolution support let you print accurate QR Code barcodes on low resolution printers from BIRT report
• Generate QR Code barcode in 0, 90, 180, and 270 degrees in BIRT report
• Support the latest QR Code barcode standards
For more barcode generation for BIRT report details, please go to QR Code generation in BIRT report

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