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At Instantiations, we had the good fortune to work with the OnPositive team for several years on a variety of different projects. They acted as the primary engineering and support team for one of our products while engaging in a number of very complex feature projects within a second product line. We were very happy with their work and they have my unqualified recommendation.

-Eric Clayberg
VP Product Development

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OnPositive developers are very talented sofware developers, which they demonstrated over and over again on multiple projects.

They could take on tough assignments where the best path was not obvious in advance, explore them with great tenacity and creativity, and often implement a proper solution in a fraction of the time anyone could have imagined.

Motivated by challenges and needs the stimulation of a really interesting problem to do their best -- and their best is truly impressive. I would not hesitate to work with them again whenever I have a chance.

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Sorry , this may be out of the context in this place. But i understand you have released product called RichText Editor Widget. I am interested in this plugin. But when i tried downloading the site says its down. May i know when it is available?