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I was looking for a free Eclipse plugin to create Class Diagram and finally found it.
ObjectAid is a very good tool that integrate very well in Eclipse.

To create my first Class diagram, I have first created a simple java project in Eclipse.
From that simple java project, I have created my first Diagram.
File -> new -> Other -> ObjectAid diagram.

In this diagram, I could drag and drop class from my professional project.
It is important to know that you don't have to pollute you project with the diagram if you just need them for printing.
That is why I have created a separate java project to test it.

Well it is a very good tool ;)

We don't want to manually create sequence diagrams. It's a lot of manual effort to simply generate one from code. This is a nice plugin, but because of that limitation, we need to continue looking.

The problem with automatic sequence diagram generation is that even small pieces of code can produce huge diagrams with mostly uninteresting messages. If you would like to discuss, please contact us (http://objectaid.com/contact).

No auto gen of sequence diagrams.

i´m suprised that uml generation could be as simple as with objectaid. will investigate further on.

Very helpful and and lets me choose the level of detail I want. Worth the price.

Beautiful !

Great tool to generate sequence diagrams and class diagrams

Exactly what I needed and I am sure a lot of out there need it too. Download and use it. Easy to use. Job well done. Looking forward to the future enhancements.

Java code in. UML diagram out. Simple. Beautiful.

does not work on eclipse indigo with mac os X or Fedora 16

I am searching for a long time and found a pile of tools from 200€ year to 600$ one time pay. All this tools are great, but i am learning an object orienten way to develope software. My problem is, i come from the traditional programming and it is very hard for me to keep track all these classes.
With this tool i have an instant visualisation of all createt classes in my project and this is a very big help for me. Thanks very much, for this great tool.

This is a tool for software developers. Love that it quickly and easily lets me conjure up UML simply by writing java classes. Plus I can always reverse engineer existing code.

Would be nice to have the ability to deal with association classes. Right now they are brought in as real classes which is very annoying and makes the diagrams more complicated than they need to be. Maybe add an annotation to the class?

Could you please give a concrete example for clarification? You can contact me as described here: http://www.objectaid.com/contact.

I looked for a UML Tool with following featueres:

-Simple to handle.
-I only want to draw class diagramms. This must be easy to do and the diagrams should look nice.
-Reverse Engineering Capability
-Eclipse PlugIn
-should cost a maximum of 100 €, at best for free

The ObjectAid UML Explorer fulfills all these requierements perfectly. I found no other tool, which fulfill the requirements above

I've been using ObjectAid for about two years over three versions of Eclipse. It's a fantastic plugin that I wouldn't be without. It's extremely intuitive to use and very robust and reliable. If you want to make UML diagrams in Eclipse then try ObjectAid first.