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Friday, September 21, 2018 - 07:07
pgust56h's picture

I wanted my students to use MonjaDB for MongoDB development in Eclipse for my university database course. Although it can display local databases in the database tree and db list, it cannot open any of them or browse their content. This is disappointing as MonjaDB promised to be a very useful addition to Eclipse. I have tried contacting the developer but have received no reply so far. The class is running Eclipse Oxygen, with Mongo 3.4.10 under Windows 10, MacOS Sierra, and a recent version of Ubuntu.

rlogiacco's picture

The addition of a top level menu entry is quite uncommon and I would really prefer to have it removed.

saltsman's picture

Requires that you have administrator access in order to do anything and therefore won't work for MongoLab et. al.

rkennard's picture

A really helpful IDE for Eclipse. Installs as its own perspective (called MonjaDB) that makes it easy to manipulate MongoDB instances without needing a Web browser or the command line. Your work on this plugin is much appreciated!