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Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 04:39
rtoader's picture

could you please implement tomcat 8 start / stop features ?

rtoader's picture

I fixed some classpath issues when starting tomcat with mongrel and also added support for tomcat 8

slongville's picture

After using the Sysdeo plugin for some time (and loving it to bits), i upgraded to 64 bit windows, and upgraded from Indigo to Juno, could not get sysdeo to work with Tomcat 7 at all.

Mongrel works great and I am glad you decided to keep it pretty much identical.

I salute you.

mmisingnamef7v's picture

Great plugin--thanks for the Tomcat 7 support. All it needs now is keyboard bindings to start/stop and restart tomcat. Otherwise, it's straightforward; you point it to your Tomcat install, add any jvm options, and start it up.