MintJams Terminal Plug-in 2.0.6

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nice tool, but some bugs

I am using Fedora 19 (x86_64), Eclipse 4.3.2 & MintJam 2.0.3.

the plugin has a nice feel and weight to it, but has some issues. I uninstalled it.

1. commands like 'clear' throw 'For input string: "3"' error and don't work. usually must restart terminal afterwards

2. very slow at stdio; just try using 'cat' for a 100 line file

3. don't even try interactive terminal things like vi/man; this usually puts terminal in a state where it must be restarted

4. weird characters pop up on screen often. not sure what that is.

5. not listed as a possible 'View' under Window->Show View. This is non-inuitive.
*could it perhaps be a console-view instead, for tighter eclipse integration?

In general it seems like a good tool; thank you for your efforts. wanted to provide my feedback.


Re: nice tool, but some bugs

Hi Justin, thank you for your feedback. I fixed some bugs.

Some bugs

I don't know where I can report bugs so I do it here.

1- after launching the Django development server with the command ` runserver` the terminal window becomes unresponsive and the django server can't be stopped (I had to stop using the task manager).

2- If I leave the terminal window open, then I close Eclipse and then re-open Eclipse, the terminal window is still in the correct position but instead of the terminal it shows an error message.

Re: Some bugs

thank you for your bug reports. login problem fixed.

where to report bugs?

Please add home page and support links

Re: where to report bugs?

support link was added.

can't find the tool on the update site

The update site only propose the PKI solution or the content management solution by the same group, but it does not propose the terminal plugin tool? Why is that ?

More info please

Could you add screenshot, please.

Will this solution always be free or only for some time?

Re: More info please

This solution is free and always will be.