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sponomarenkodih's picture

"Mercurial Merge" view doesn't work
empty list in this view even if project explorer shows conflicts

jfrank5h1's picture

Everything is working great and the 2.2 plugin is installed and working great! Thanks!

jfrank5h1's picture

Currently installing from the marketplace seems to be disabled? I've previously used this plugin quite successfully and would like to continue using it, but am not able to currently install it.

mleone18t's picture

I'm trying to include the mercurial eclipse plugin in an RCP target. The closest I can come to making it work is to use a URL (not permitted to post URLs in comments) which the wiki says is deprecated. I can install it into my development IDE with this URL, but when I run the maven build, tycho fails and says that update site is in an old format, not supported. So then I use the site that the wiki says I should use, and there is nothing there but the codebeamer application. So then I registered for an account so I can submit a bug tracker item, and despite their notice that when you sign up for an account you can submit a bug report, it denies me access to do so after signing up and logging in. Quality control seems to be non-existent at this company.

hshahadeh's picture

when I want to install mercurial form the market place this message cames " No reposit"

martaso's picture

When trying to install the plugin in Eclipse Mars both from the Marketplace as well as from the 'Install new software menu', when confirming the operation I get the following error: "Error reading update site [plugi url].
Byte not valid ..."

msiddiqi's picture

while downloading it from the market place and also when try to use new soft installation faces the same problem of invalid 1 of 1 byte UTF-8 sequence