JVM Monitor 3.8.1

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Regarding previous comment

The problem is far more inscrutable and bizarre -- the Eclipse version I had previously tried it with was 3.7, not 3.8.

I replaced Eclipse 3.7 with Eclipse 3.8, and never tried jvmmonitor with Eclipse 3.8. The mysterious slowdown persisted when debugging within Eclipse. Running an application goes at full speed, but debugging is dog-slow.

What files does jvmmonitor touch when installed?

Failed with 3.8, JDK 1.7, graceless uninstall

I tried it. It failed with some exception or another.
I uninstalled it, but its hooks are still in my project somehow, because debugging is dog-slow and I see it phoning home to the mother ship.

I do not even recommend trying this, because I think I am going to need to reset my Eclipse installation to a clean state and start over. As far as I know, this means re-downloading and re-installing all the plugins, which is not at all convenient.