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jSparrow - Automatical Java Code Improvement

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"The jSparrow license server cannot be reached..."

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Hi User,

thank you for your interest in jSparrow.

Please make sure that you are using the latest version of jSparrow.

For the purpose of license validation, jSparrow needs to be able to establish a connection to the Internet.
In case you are using a proxy, please make sure that you have proxy settings for HTTPS configured within Eclipse.

Please contact us, if the problems remain.


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I am selecting one java class -> Right Click -> JSparrow -> Select Rules to Apply -> ... -> Showing the Window of JSparow where it shows the code comparization before and after .

The plugin seems to work like charm except that finish button...

1)The Finish button is disabled , even if i click next ... next ... next 500 times the Finish Button remains disabled .

2)I have Eclipse Darkest Dark Theme  2017 CI  8 (in case that creates a problem )

I like a lot this Plugin please Fix it !!! :)

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Hello Alex,
thanks for your interest in jSparrow.

jSparrow is available in two versions. A free version and a commercial one.
We expect you are using the free version. This version has unlimited functionality to run all rules on any of your projects. You will get a list of all findings and jSparrow suggestions to correct these.

You have to swap versions, if you want the tool to correct the coding issues automatically.



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This Error occurs if you try to install jSparrow in an Eclipse version prior to Mars. (

A Eclipse version pior to Mars isn't tested nor supported from our side therefore the dependencies to eclipse core components are set as a minimum to the Eclipse Mars target platform.

Best Regards

Martin Huter