Jidebug 2.4.4

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Release Notes for 2.4.0:
- remote control for servers straight from the Eclipse GUI
- drag and drop import for executions (just drop an execution to the Executions View to import)
- added a switch for the package decoration inside the Executions View
- bugfixes

- Revamped Executions / Snapshots view
- Added the possibility to view the Jidebug Agent's logfile with one click
- Added a list of processed / filtered classes to the snapshot (Details)
- Faster data processing
- Many internal improvements and bug fixes

We have added many improvements to make Jidebug easier for beginner users. Running JVM Processes and Jidebug Attach backend has been completely redone.

Try the new changes and send us feedback!

- Completely revamped Execution Comparison View.
- Comparison from both directions is visible at once.
- Standalone use of Jidebug agent.
- Better Java 1.5 support.
- Added the possibility to Import and Export Executions.

When i try to debug a helloworld program, it shows me the yellow sticks on the code that got executed. But if the same i run with my product, there is no yellow sticks and i have no clue how to continue. Can you give me some tutorial to learn the steps to execute a product / code, etc.

Hi Anand,

We are really excited that you are interested in trying out our product!

We posted a series of guides on How to use Jidebug, I am confident you will find an answer to your problem there: http://4dsoft.eu/jidebug/use. You can also contact as at support@jidebug.com, we are more than happy to walk you through the steps of starting with Jidebug.

The next version of Jidebug will be capable to export and import execution traces. If you send that we can compare it with ours and help you find the root cause of the problem. Otherwise it is extremely difficult to guess the cause of a remote bug.

- First product version also contains beta features
- New "Running JVM Processes" View with the ability to Start and Stop Jidebug on any running process
- UI improvements

Release Notes for Jidebug 1.1.1:
- debug mode skips internal jidebug calls
- highlights first statement of Jidebug comparison

Release Notes for Jidebug 1.1.1:
- many bug fixes
- list unprocessed classes in Comparison view

List of supported platforms:
- Eclipse 3.7.2 - Eclipse 4.2 SR2
- Java 6 and Java 7

Jidebug is tested to work on these systems. Other versions might work but those are currently not tested and not supported by us.

Hi Guys,

I really want to use this feature. But something is terribly wrong when i install.

First of all, my JDT gets crashed in my eclipse and i am not able to retain it.

Second, i installed Jidebug and when running the simple hello world program it throws exception and no runtime trace captured.

I hope you fix the problem quick and release the working plugin.


Hi Anand,

We have uploaded a new version of Jidebug.
Please check if it fixes your issues.


Dear Anand!

Thank you for your feedback!

We aim to make Jidebug work in every situation, but unfortunately there are still some bugs to iron out.
Please contact us at support@4dsoft.eu so we can fix this issue.