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Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - 03:28

Im unable to create dynamic web project or add server or create or edit servlet/JSP using jdk10 using eclipse version Oxygen.3a (4.7.3a).
Can you guys help me for where i can download eclipsee for JAVA EE development using jdk10.


The download above is only for plain Java, not Java EE. Full support will be available with 4.7.3a. You can try one of the preview packages if you want:

I dragged and dropped this to my Eclipse Oxygen version 4.7.3 (upgraded from 4.7.2). It shows me option to choose JDK-10 but still gives me compile time errors as well as syntax errors in highlighter.

Yes, the patch is no longer valid/needed. Please see description above how to install it.

Why is such a feature patch disabled, when the provided functionality is not yet in an official release?  I.E., 4.7.3a is not planned for release until 2018-04-11.  Furthermore, packages (e.g. Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers) are not provided for milestone builds / release candidates.  So this leaves us without any Java 10 support during the most critical time - after Java 10 has been officially released.

Can this feature patch please be re-enabled until the official 4.7.3a and associated packages are released?

i.e. outdated