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How can we use the Internet to develop better applications for the Enterprise?” Everyday since 1999, Intalio answers this question with innovative software based on industry standards and open source technologies. Our open source software can be found everywhere, powering some of the largest companies in the world like Deutsche Bank, General Electric, NTT, The Irish Revenue Commissions, Singapore Airlines and Vodafone – as well as 3 out of the 10 most visited websites, Facebook, Google, and Yahoo!

Training Description: 

You have decided to use Jetty and you want to start your new development off on the right track? This one-day package offers on-site training to your team of up to 10 developers and operations staff. We review your goals and do deep dives on the topics most relevant to you. Most commonly, topics include servlet standards and futures, Jetty structure and setup, Jetty use in automated testing and benchmarking, Jetty design patterns for user interfaces and web services, and advanced asynchronous topics for Jetty scaling. We also cover best protocol design with CometD, best scaling techniques, and testing and benchmark methods for rich user applications. The topic list can be customized to suit your particular project and audience.

Contact Steve Robb for more information about Training on Jetty.

Consulting Description: 

Intalio|Jetty is a suite of services for mission critical applications built on the Jetty Open Source foundation. In addition to traditional Production Support, Intalio offers specialized and packaged services for migration, performance, security and optimization. Over 10,000 businesses worldwide include Amazon Web Services, Google, Baidu,, Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix, IBM, HP, Oracle rely on Intalio|Jetty to support their business. The same team that wrote Jetty is available to support any business, large or small, to ensure the success of your Jetty project. Multiple SLA's options are available.

Contact Steve Robb for more information on our Consulting Services and Production Support options.

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10 May 2013
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