InstaSearch 1.5.6

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...the search results could all be shown without requiring expansion (at least have an option for this)

This speeds up scanning search results. Textpad search results are the quickest for me to scan. I don't know why eclipse search tools like requiring people to expand items.

If it had an option to show some context lines around each search result (something that can be easily disabled/enabled), then it makes it more powerful and like sublimetext.

no doubt about it.

Hi ,

The Instasearch is just searching .java files and not any other ext files like .js.
Could you please help me resolve this issue.

Extensions of files to be indexed can be specified in plugin's preferences

Great thanks for this plug-in. Now I can instantly find any peace of code. The bigger a project the more efficient this plug-in is. It works in Eclipse 4.2 too.
Thanks a lot!

It's fast as hell and the author is very responsive to community suggestions and bug reports. If you have any issue create a ticket at the project's website and it will be resolved quickly.

It's on a good way to become a replacement for the default file search.

Thank you!


hi. How I use InstaSearch after instainstalling? I can't assign key to InstaSearch, can't open InstaSearch view :-( I use Zend Studio 7.2.

Thank you for tips. Tom.

Hi Tom,
The new version of the plug-in should run on Zend studio since Java 1.5 is now sufficient.

It's really instant and it searches through all the files in the project. I really needed this plug-in. Great job!