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HP Anywhere provides an Eclipse-based IDE that enables you to create, build, test, and run your own apps.
This IDE provides a complete development environment that covers the entire lifecycle of your app.
HP Anywhere IDE includes:
- A wizard for creating app projects
- A built-in simulator that you can use to run and debug your apps in any form factor (desktop, tablet or smartphone) in various screen resolution
- A complete, pre-configured, database-free, and debug-ready HP Anywhere server that is customized and optimized for the development environment.

As a prerequisite for using the HP Anywhere IDE plugin, it is install the HP Anywhere IDE, which comes with the HP Anywhere Server, a MVN repository that is needed for building the app, and an eclipse IDE which is configured for using the plugin.
Please download the HP Anywhere IDE from the following site: http://developer.hpanywhere.com/
After the installation is completed, you can download the latest HP Anywhere IDE plugin from the update site to gain from the most updated plugin functionalities.

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Free for non-commerical use
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