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Thursday, May 24, 2018 - 09:14

I managed to make lxt2vcd working by completing path on a mac.

In Linux lxt2vcd was installed in /usr/bin, dragging .lxt file into eclipse works. But doesn't work if it's imported.

Discussion here is helpful, but figure might not be the most efficient method.


In Oxygen > Preferences > impulse > Serializers you need to double-click the LXT2 serializer. This opens a dialogue were you can edit path and command.

Thanks for reply,

Enter Path for Command inside the Path field and click [Add] button, it works.

Not very intuitive for me in the first glance.

Oxygen > Preferences > impulse > Serializers doesn't seem to allow me to type path.

lxt2vcd is installed in /opt/local/bin/lxt2vcd

I can manually convert lxt to vcd and use impulse to open vcd without issue.

please comment

Can in be that this is not compatible with the Mars 4.5.2 release of Eclipse?

No its still compatible. I check with Marketplace whats going wrong.

That latest update did the trick!

Thank you very much,