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Thursday, October 18, 2018 - 13:05
rmaddi's picture

I downloaded
Java(JDK) 1.7.0_51
Grinder latest 3.11
Jython latest 2.5.3
Eclipse 4.2
GrinderStone - 2.5.5

-- And I was following the steps in GrinderStone Documentation. But I am getting some error while creating Run Configuration for Grinder

Issue-1: Giving error when I click on new while creating new 'Grinder Run' from Run Configurations popup window. The error is:
An error has occurred. See error log for more details.

Issue-2: After filling the project, Main module,, it not showing any thing in "PYTHONPATH that will be used in the run" test, actually it should show all the jar files and source paths and ect.

And more, Apply, Run buttons are disabled state.

Please help me with any working set of versions of above needed softwares. I thing there is some incompatibilities in my list of versions of the softwares I installed.

I read some blogs, but those are referring very old versions of softwares. And they are saying later versions also will work.

Please update Grinderstone to support latest versions of Grinder, Jython, Eclipse please.
Eclipse 3.6 not available to download.

Please give response please....