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GPIO example for Eclipse Kura 3.x.y

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Does this example work with Kura 3.0?

I have Kura 3.0 workspace, what steps we need to do to make it work with Kura 3.0?

Thank you.

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Hi Praveen,

sure, the example will work with Kura 3.0.0. To have it working in your development environment, same as for a real device, you need to download the example package using the link available in the page, access the web ui, select the Packages tab in the left side of the page and then load the package there. An alternative is to drag and drop the link from the Eclipse Marketplace page to the specific area in the Packages page in the Kura web Ui.

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Hi Matteo,

Thank you for the Reply.

I am able to use it with 3.0 workspace.

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