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GlassFish Tools for Juno

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How do i get Glassfish 2.1 adapter for Juno?

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Glassfish Tools version:,
O.S: Linux Mint 64bit & Windows 7
Eclipse versions: Juno 4.2.2, Kepler 4.3.0 RC3 & Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (
JDK: 1.6.0_34, 1.7.0_21 & 1.7.0_25

The scenario is creating 2 servers each using 2 separate glassfish domain directory with non-conflicting ports. The first domain starts, the second domain locks/stalls and times out.

To repoduce:
Download Eclipse version

Install appropriate glassfish tools (used URL: h_t_t_p://
Install Glassfish release ( and setup runtime in eclipse

Create secondary domain with non-conflicting ports using installed glassfish release: asadmin --user admin create-domain --adminport 4849 --instanceport 8081 --domainproperties domain2

Select Java EE perspective

Select Server View

Create a new server using default domain (domain1)

Create a new server using secondary domain (domain2)

Start first server. Server starts.

Start secondary server. Server start locks/stalls and times out.

Is the above behavior the intended behavior, or is it a bug?

We are currently upgrading our Eclipse versions, and this problem has popped up for our development configuration.

Thanks for your time.

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This plugin seems to be outdated. As stated in the accepted answer here: I previously was able to get the update for Glassfish on Juno from here:

So my installed version is

Oracle GlassFish Server Tools

But the one available from this update site on marketplace is:

Oracle GlassFish Server Tools

I'm trying to direct a co-worker to get the version I have, but we just can't seem to locate it.

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The version you have is a developer build. The marketplace lists the last release. We are working on re-opening a developer build stream for early adopters that is properly separated from the releases. Stay tuned.