Details Group Tabs

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It would be great if this item also showed up in the right-click menu of the actual tab. This is what notepad++ does, and it's super handy.

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Here are a few suggestions for improvements:

1) Make it possible for Users to assign a keybinding to this action. If the sole purpose of this plugin is to provide one action, at least make it as easy as possible to invoke.

2) Provide an OS-specific (Operating System) name for the action. So on macosx, the action's label would be "Show in Finder".

btw, you can just declare one object contribution for IResource, and add the attribute:

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This works well, but I'd love to see the item appear in the contextual menus for the PHP Explorer and PHP editor views, too. In fact, anything that's related to a file should have this item in its menu.

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hack this plugin's plugin.xml file to be:

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It's worked out for me,thanks!

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Tiny but very useful! Thanks!

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how to install

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Thanks for the plugin. It works for me. However, there is no p2 update site available from what I can tell. There is only an old-style update site. This made things difficult for me to install since I had to use the dropins folder to install.