Emmet (ex-Zen Coding) Eclipse plugin

Add this URL to your Eclipse Installation to reach this solution's update site.

Mars (4.5)
Luna (4.4)
Kepler (4.3)
Juno (4.2, 3.8)
Previous to Juno (<=4.1)
Neon (4.6)
Oxygen (4.7)
Photon (4.8)

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Sunday, July 15, 2018 - 23:19
jlvarezdelara's picture

Hi Jakob,

Try /download.emmet.io/eclipse/updates/ instead of /emmet.io/eclipse/updates/, it worked for me. Beacause the problem with the external links I have omitted the protocol (http)

jheinricht6o's picture

Sadly I can't install Emmet, I get the following certificate error:

Unable to read repository at [URL]
hostname in certificate didn't match: != OR

Couldn't share the full error message because the url is recognised as external Link.