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Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - 16:11
maxwell1987's picture

macOS 10.13.5
vagrant 2.1.2
eclipse photon
oracle java 10.0.1

I can open "Vagrant Boxes" and "Vagrant VMs" views, but the views shows 0 boxes and 0 VMs. Nothing is seen in eclipse's log.

maxwell1987's picture

When I run eclipse with "sudo ~/xxxx/" I can see boxes, but still can't see VMs.

ssnyder's picture

Would love to see this work on Windows! Running Mars, installed this plugin - but no preferences, no views, no perspectives found for vagrant (or linux tools). I have my vagrantfile set up in it's own directory - not in my project directory. I would prefer to keep it this way since we are not backing this up on version control...every developer has their own environment set up the way they want (not all of us use vagrant to use a linux vm for development/testing).

Please contact me for more information.

rgrunberg's picture

Hi Sharon, (sorry for the huge delay). I would think that if the tooling UI was nowhere to be found after installation, then perhaps the installation could not be carried out for some reason. Are you able to confirm that the the vagrant plugins show up in the Plugins or Features tab of Help -> Installation Details ?

ssnyder's picture

I have verified this

ssnyder's picture

I have just re-installed it, (I previously uninstalled it since you had not responded for a while)....and verified that it does indeed show up in my list of installed plugins.

sfreemanw37's picture

I have the same issue and I can see that it's installed.