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Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 13:09
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Note that the current released version of UML Generators is 0.9.0 and be aware that it is in incubation.
To know how to launch a generation, you can read the related release note here:
You can read more documentation in the Help > Help Contents > UML Generators Documentation menu of your Eclipse IDE.
At last, an 1.0.0 release is going to be built very soon. If you have some remarks, do not hesitate to create a bugzilla ticket. Thanks.

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Hello! Where can I find the complete user guide for this? The first thing I'd like to try is the Java reverser.

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Please provide some kind of tutorial.

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I found this documentation for their latest release 1.0.0 : I'm not sure if it applies to the 0.9 though;