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Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 07:07
csharples64k's picture

Great tool, very easy to use. I have a couple of requests, and one defect:
1) The select image dialogs need to remember the last directory used - it's really annoying when you have several different overlays in the same external directory, and you have to navigate to that directory every time.
2) When saving a file, it would be nice to be able to enter your own file name, as the default names are not usually what you want
3) When closing an icon editor, it seems to hang on to some resource - if you try to delete or rename a file that you have just been editing, you get an exception.

jmartinezmk5's picture

Thanks for your nice comment and the issues report,
could you please include them in the issues tracker?
The defect was already reported in #5 but the enhancements are new.
thanks again

pverest's picture

Especial Icon Manager View is super tool for making icons overlays.

Hint: use Alt+Enter Image to check image properties.

Warning! opening really big file may freeze Eclipse for long and always (with version 2.4.1 used).
If it happened to you, Eclipse may freeze again after restart.
Just rename file on file system and start Eclipse after that.