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Tested on Eclipse Luna (built-in) and Mars (installed from here)
I checked out a project from CVS using Cygwin cvs client:

    $ cvs -d:pserver:user@host/path/to/cvs login
    $ cvs -d:pserver:user@host/path/to/cvs co -kk MODULE_NAME

Then imported it to Eclipse and tried to update. It asked for password again, then failed:

    The server reported an error while performing the "cvs update" command.
MODULE_NAME: protocol error: :pserver:user@host/path/to/cvs/MODULE_NAME is not absolute

I also tried the opposite and imported the project from CVS using Eclipse. Then tried to update it from command line.

$ cvs up
: no such repository

The last error is related to the fact that the file CVS/Root has CRLF line ending.

Please investigate the "is not absolute" error.
Please explain why is there an extra colon in CVS/Root that separates hostname ant path?
Is there any good reason to store CVS files with CRLF so only Eclipse understands them?

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Hi Wayne. Whoever marked the ticket as invalid was wrong: if cvs program works without colon, so should Eclipse. Are you the author? Is it right to ask here or should I use the Eclipse bugtracker?

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I'm not the author. Engaging on the bug tracker is best way to have this resolved.

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I couldn't find Select project right click -> Team -> Show History at folder level to know recent changes made in folder. Can anyone help me out to overcome the issue,

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Installing this plugin breaks CVS completely.
Get the correct version from the Eclipse update site.

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I've updated the entry.